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Autumn Portraits

This was one of the most beautiful autumn seasons I had ever experienced. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.   Peak color usually lasts for a very short amount of time. During this period of a week or less, I was out taking pictures at every chance I had. Morning, as shown above, was […]

More Fun with Everyone!

The week of Thanksgiving was full of happy reunions. Michael, Robert, and James drove in Saturday and Esther arrived on Monday! Then on Wednesday we met the Wilkes team from VA at the ice skating rink! The two hours were packed with fun as we played the ice version of Bible runners. The game was especially adapted […]

Many Things Look Alike

Not many would argue with the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between what is artificial and what is genuine. Learning to “tell the difference” is one thing I appreciate about birding–and after being in Taiwan for a year, the opportunity came at last to make a certain identification amongst […]

First Deer of the Year!

On Opening Day, no Staddon hunters saw any deer at all and had to end the hunt early due to a drizzly rain that wouldn’t stop. This was unusual and a bit disheartening. That evening, I didn’t know if I wanted to hunt the next day or not—I needed my rest before Thanksgiving and I […]

IPS Photo Challenge – Week 3

I’m beginning to see some common threads. I really need to work on composition to heighten emotional impact and focus on getting the exact exposure to maintain maximum interest. I’ve got one more week to work on it! But for now, here is week three. Day 11: Breakfast Simplicity was the goal here. I wanted […]

Pumpkin or Gourd?

You can’t judge a book by its cover; well, you can’t judge a pumpkin by its shape either. Actually, I am not talking about a pumpkin but a “melon squash” or “sweet necked squash.” Some look at its shape and call it a gourd, but when you cut it open you see a solid orange […]

Giving Thanks

Well it must be time for harvest. This morning the field behind our building took on a new look. Evidently, the last winter melon had been gathered in by the diligent farmer. Now it was time for the remaining growth to be plowed under, this time by another farmer on a tractor. The field was […]

On the Radio!

This afternoon Michael and I joined Ernesto Gomez for his family’s weekly one-hour radio broadcast on WSYW 810 AM in Indianapolis. Joshua and Matthew Wilkes and Nate Paine were also on the air with us as we talked about how to make brothers and sisters our best friends. We shared personal illustrations of what we […]

IPS Photo Challenge – Week 2

It’s hard to believe week two has already passed! With so much going on, I was unable to complete each day’s assignment, but I shot as many as I could. This is harder than I thought it would be! Day 06: Tools Sometimes tools just don’t work… Instructor Review and Critique: “I like the cause […]