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Fanny Crosby and A Junkyard Miracle!


Last Sunday morning at our Church, I shared the story about the famous blind hymnwriter Fanny Crosby and the day she needed $5. Back in 1900, $5 was actually worth more like what $180 is worth in today’s currency. And this was a modestly substantial amount for Fanny, who needed it quite badly! She wrote, […]

A New Design for the New Year!

Sauntina on the computer

Welcome to the new design of the website! Technology has changed a lot since our first post back in August of 2006 so it’s about time we freshened things up a bit. We still have a few bugs to smooth out, but Sauntina will be working hard to find and fix them: The really cool thing about our new […] Website Launch

Our family has been very blessed by the ministry of the Institute in Basic Life Principles. Today they launched a new website at! Robert and his web development company, Abundant Designs, have been instrumental in designing and developing the new website. Enjoy!

Runner from Ravenshead

Runner from Ravenshead DVD

Tonight our family enjoyed one of the most meaningful, funny, and enjoyable family films we’ve seen in a long time! This incredible feature film only has five actors, all under the age of 10. It combined great dialog, humor, suspense, a powerful allegory, and some really cute kids. Enjoy watching the trailer! “Even though it […]

A New Engine!

Uhoh! Car troubles!

As most of you probably know, Kendalyn and I have been having some car troubles recently. The engine on the used Toyota Corolla that we just purchased suddenly died with only 110,000 miles on it. Not good. Well, thanks to the kind efforts of the Glick family, Kendalyn and I now have a new engine! […]