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How to Gain Weight Control

Oh, no! I can’t get it zipped! I had just completed making a skirt. I had measured and I thought it would fit perfectly. But no, to be comfortable I would need to somehow make it two inches bigger or else tighten up the tummy! Wll, I chose to loose the inches! It really wasn’t […]

The Herb Puzzle

I am thankful that God  gave us taste buds. I’m also glad He gave us good-tasting things to eat–and herbs can make them taste even better! My family did not use herbs very much when I was a child, at home, so I’ve had to learn this art from talking with others through the years. […]

Time Flies

Ring! Ring! “Hello, yes, Dad, we have to eat at 5:00 so that we can meet Don at 6:15 and Judy at 6:30 because the program is at 7:00 and Chris will be disappointed if we aren’t there!” “Are you sure you can be here by 5:00?  It is 4:15 right now.” “No problem, Dad.  […]

Pumpkin or Gourd?

You can’t judge a book by its cover; well, you can’t judge a pumpkin by its shape either. Actually, I am not talking about a pumpkin but a “melon squash” or “sweet necked squash.” Some look at its shape and call it a gourd, but when you cut it open you see a solid orange […]

Vegetable Pizza

Grandma Brown introduced us to vegetable pizza a few years back but it was not until recently that I began making it myself by “staddonizing” the recipe. The first thing I changed was the crust — we like “the real thing” rather than Pillsbury cresent rolls. The second thing that was more to our liking was […]

This one is a winner!

Yesterday I decided to take the time to search my cookbooks for the perfect recipe for the cranberries I had bought before thanksgiving that were still in the refrigerator. My desire was to please everyone! Everyone being the seven that are under our roof at this time; some of whom say cranberries are not good […]

God Comforteth

In the year 2002 my son Robert gave Don and I a book for Christmas entitled “Morning by Morning” by Charles Spurgeon. Finally last year, 2006, I decided to read this devotional guide.There was a paragraph for each day of the year with a very short, very uncommon scripture text. I found each paragraph to […]

Laundry Lessons

I think we’d all agree that laundry can be a real chore, especially if you have a big family! So I thought I would share a couple of things that I’ve learned that have helped us “lighten the load” on laundry day. I must confess that these are not entirely original to the Staddon’s, but […]