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Follow the aroma coming from the kitchen! Posts concerning scrumptious recipes and tips from our great chefs.

Focaccia Bread

Serving suggestion with Chef Salad.

Fragrant with herbs, this rich bread, along with salad and/or soup, makes a wonderful meal. By the way, the thinner variety makes delicious turkey sandwiches! Normally, in the process of making six loaves of our regular bread, we use one loaf’s worth of dough (flavored optionally with 1/2 cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes) to make either: […]

Soup in a Bread Bowl!

A bun . . .

Follow bread recipe, adding Rosemary (1/4 tsp per loaf) for extra flavor After dough has risen, divide each loaf into 4 balls Place on cookie sheets and flatten slightly Cover and let rise until doubled, about 30 minutes Lightly beat 1 egg white with 2 Tbsp of water and brush mixture onto risen loaves. Bake […]

Staddons’ 100% Whole Wheat Bread

This bread has always been a defining characteristic of our family. We use this recipe for all the bread we make, whether pizza crusts, cinnamon rolls, buns, or raisin bread. Below are some important factors that may significantly change the process for others who use the recipe. Of course experience is important so that you […]



One of the things the Staddons have always done is make their own granola! It’s great as a topping, as a breakfast cereal, or even a special gift. Our method of making it has changed in small ways many times and we have tried many different varieties, some of them unforgettable! 🙂 At the present […]

The Herb Puzzle

I am thankful that God  gave us taste buds. I’m also glad He gave us good-tasting things to eat–and herbs can make them taste even better! My family did not use herbs very much when I was a child, at home, so I’ve had to learn this art from talking with others through the years. […]

Time Flies

Ring! Ring! “Hello, yes, Dad, we have to eat at 5:00 so that we can meet Don at 6:15 and Judy at 6:30 because the program is at 7:00 and Chris will be disappointed if we aren’t there!” “Are you sure you can be here by 5:00?  It is 4:15 right now.” “No problem, Dad.  […]

Pumpkin or Gourd?

You can’t judge a book by its cover; well, you can’t judge a pumpkin by its shape either. Actually, I am not talking about a pumpkin but a “melon squash” or “sweet necked squash.” Some look at its shape and call it a gourd, but when you cut it open you see a solid orange […]

Vegetable Pizza

Grandma Brown introduced us to vegetable pizza a few years back but it was not until recently that I began making it myself by “staddonizing” the recipe. The first thing I changed was the crust — we like “the real thing” rather than Pillsbury cresent rolls. The second thing that was more to our liking was […]

This one is a winner!

Yesterday I decided to take the time to search my cookbooks for the perfect recipe for the cranberries I had bought before thanksgiving that were still in the refrigerator. My desire was to please everyone! Everyone being the seven that are under our roof at this time; some of whom say cranberries are not good […]