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God’s in Control

Rob slams on the brakes shortly after exiting the highway. A car, facing us and in our turn lane, is sitting half on the road and half on the curb. Immediately, Rob turns on his flashers and calls for me to direct traffic behind us while he approaches the wrecked car to size up the […]

Plans for 2008

For me, 2008 is going to be very different. In late November last year, I was invited to go and work at the IBLP Headquarters, the same place Robert has been for the past year. I was there most of December for sort of a trial period to see if this was something I really […]

Gods Power in Prayer! Part 2

I am so grateful for all of you, friends and relatives, who have held me up in prayer during the past semester while I was teaching Character in several elementry schools. You are such a blessing and huge part of the ministry! Like the spring semester (Part 1), Jennifer Wilkes, journaled her prayers for me. […]

The Iowa Caucus is Tonight

Today is an important day in American history. The Iowa caucus, the first in the nation, will be held tonight. The presidential hopeful who wins the “Hawkeye state” usually receives a tremendous boost in popularity and momentum. We must get on our knees in full surrender to Christ and ask God for His mercy and […]

Jonathan’s 15th Birthday

We went ice-skating to celebrate this joyous occasion! Little did we know the greater purpose God had behind our excursion. What fun to be back on the ice! As we took a break waiting for the ice machine to smooth the ice, Robert sat next to a couple young men. He hesitated to start a […]