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New Beekeeping Training Opportunity

MHS Beekeeping

More training means less time and money wasted. Michael designed this new beekeeping course to take you from knowing nothing to knowing all that is needed to keep honey bees successfully. The course presents a step-by-step sequence to successful beekeeping. The knowledge from each lesson builds on the previous lessons. See the course description for an outline […]

The Opiate of Socialism


Socialism The movement of socialism had its roots in the materialistic philosophy of Karl Marx (1818-1883). He and Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) developed the major outlines of his view in the pamphlet, The Communist Manifesto (1848). He maintained that reality was material rather than spiritual. Upon this foundation he proposed the utopia of a classless society […]

Salvation of Creation

Our encounter with the ark was a powerful testimony of God’s mercy and ability to save His creation.  One small example was how polar bears survived on the ark. First, they do not need to live in a cold climate. Many warm weather zoos house polar bears.  Second polar bears are members of the bear […]

Quantity discounts for The Power of Music

The Power of Music

If The Power of Music has been an encouragement to you and you would like additional copies to help others establish a Biblical perspective on music, then you can save $3.00 per book on a quantity of 5 books for $11.99 each.   In addition, if you know of a group that would like to […]

The Power of Music

Finally, we have published our book about the power and morality of music. It was worth the time it took to write this book just to have family time together.The unique perspective of each member was of great valuable. The book has 300 pages and is now available at our on-line store. ~  

Is There Anyone Else Like Us?

Conservative Christian families who are serious about applying Biblical principles are often made to feel like they are in the minority. This lonely feeling is a tactic of the enemy to discourage Christians and undermine their faith.  Guard against this deception, fellow soldiers! Take heart and press forward! In an effort to show such families […]

Family Night

We have spent many delightful hours together as a family this summer playing badminton. A friend who joined us one evening made a very insightful comment: “Families who pray together and play together, stay together.” This is so true. We have seen many benefits to setting aside one evening a week for what we call […]