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Picturesque Places!


Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been? Did you snap a high-quality photo or two while you were there? Well, you may already have some prime material for this month’s assignment! Or perhaps there’s a picturesque spot nearby you’ve always wanted to photograph, but never had a good reason to visit at […]

On Assignment: Party Backgrounds!


When I first found out what the theme would be for the photo assignment we would be shooting for Homeschool Summits in April, I got a wild idea in my head for what to photograph. However, I had a very difficult time figuring out how I would actually go about shooting my idea! Finally, after […]

On Assignment: Prayer


Photographing something so broad as “Prayer” might seem kinda boring. However, when I got to thinking about how I would photograph it, I started getting excited! Instead of being limited to a certain subject, style, or location, I could take the assignment wherever I wanted. I could make it my own! What is special about […]

Photographing Balloons!


Last week, I meandered through the Exhibit Hall at the Southeast Homeschool Expo. At big events like this, I try to talk to as many vendors as I can. If I can find out what kind of photo needs they might have, I can turn them into the monthly Shoot to Serve Photo Assignments! The […]

What March is Like in West Virginia


Since I don’t think we’ve ever done a documentary themed assignment before, I got excited when Nature Friend Magazine had the idea to publish photo essays of The Month of March in your corner of the world! A demonstration video had to be filmed before March began, so I chose 7 days near the end […]

My Search for Glowing Scenery Photos


Yes! A landscape photography assignment. My favorite! But the weather put an interesting twist on my plans as I set out to find what I was looking for before the deadline. I had so much fun exploring with the Ferrells. I took pictures of all sorts of random things! Don’t you just love this photo?! […]