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An Experience of a Lifetime

Learning the mechanics of a chainsaw.

What a joy to be back home! My time in TX on the Emergency Response Team at ALERT was full of challenges (like the Caleb Nelson Memorial Race), but also tons of fun.  It taught me responsiveness to people’s needs and skills to help in times of disaster. Through the two months I learned both […]

Substance Amazingly Precious 2012

This year we tried metal containers vs. plastic jugs.

    Mom and I walked out of Wal-mart slower than usual. Not because of extra groceries, but for a very different reason. The winter was coming to an end resulting in drastically-fluctuating temperatures. This caused the sap of the Maple Trees to be pushed through the cambium, which when collected and boiled down produces syrup.      Though we […]

A Trip Back in Time

Going back a hundred years!

Last month we had the privilege of hosting the Stelzl family. One of the days they were here it rained so we all took a trip to school–A one room school house that is. It was fascinating to see the differences between present day schools and old fashioned schools. Here are ten differences we observed . […]

Christmas at Our House

What fun we had decorating this year! But one thing we are learning is that it isn’t the end of the world to break old traditions. Since we will be traveling to Florida for Christmas, there are many things we decided to do differently this year. For instance, we usually we spread out our lights […]

Staying Alive

This past week Mom had the opportunity to go to the Northwoods on a week long “Journey to the Heart.” Esther left at the same time to go back to Oklahoma City, leaving only Dad and the five of us boys at home. Thankfully Mom and Esther had left detailed instructions which prepared us to […]