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A Strawberry Pie Morning

210204_James Staddon_3756 Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 20 mm, 1-30 sec at f - 5.6, ISO 100-2

In honor of Mom’s birthday, here’s a blog post about strawberry pie (from a photographer’s perspective)! 🙂 In last week’s Photo Coaching webinar, we discussed a good photography quote from Gina Milicia: “Beware of turning your images into Twizzlers.” Twizzlers are generally strawberry flavored. They’re supposed to taste like strawberries. But it sure takes a […]

On A Hunt for Something Beautiful

Hunting (normal)

Shooting for this month’s assignment could be easy, or it could be difficult. Depends on what you decide to shoot after reading the assignment details. I decided to shoot for something difficult! Chances were low that I’d find what I was looking for, but how would I know if the odds were not in my favor if I didn’t […]

On Assignment: A Peaceful Scene

Peaceful Scene (play)

This was a tough photo shoot to bring you along on! Taking video at night is quite the challenge. And that hillside! It is literally a field of thorns. But come now! Let me take you behind the scenes, and show you how that epic, pre-dawn trek unfolded! That was such an amazing photo shoot! […]

On Assignment: Made In His Image


It was quite convenient that the current real-life Lenspiration Photo Assignment, Made In His Image, landed on the holidays! With Robert & Kendalyn and their family in town, I had ample opportunities to shoot it. However, not every opportunity turned out as I expected…. I really liked that first location. The brown, textured curtains and […]

Homeschooling Photo Shoot!


If your family already does homeschooling, this month’s photo assignment should be easy! To make it more challenging for me, I focused on lighting and doing what I could to get it just right…. While bounce flash certainly is better than direct flash or no flash at all when photographing not-so-well-lit areas, I feel like […]

Searching for Perfect Order in Nature!


According to the details for the current assignment, perfect order in nature could also mean perfect order in man-made landscapes, so off I went looking for symmetrical gardens and manicured lawns at the closest botanical garden I could find! Oh what a surprise I was in for! It was different being on a time-crunch too. […]

On Assignment: Go Forward!


When I read the details for this month’s Lenspiration photo assignment, I thought “Hey, this is going to be easy; I have plenty of brothers to use as models, it’s a bright sunny day, and I know exactly where to shoot it!” Well, as usual, it didn’t exactly turn out as expected. . . . […]

Invisible Enemies Worse Than COVID-19


It’s 2020. The year the world found out how vulnerable it actually was. An invisible enemy has entered our world, and we are all taking extraordinary precaution against it. Suddenly, we are willing to endure incredible sacrifice and inconvenience for the sake of ourselves and others. Who would have thought the handshake would be shunned […]