Vegetable Pizza

Grandma Brown introduced us to vegetable pizza a few years back but it was not until recently that I began making it myself by “staddonizing” the recipe.

The first thing I changed was the crust — we like “the real thing” rather than Pillsbury cresent rolls.

The second thing that was more to our liking was replacing the Ranch flavor powder style dressing or dip mix with our own spices and some sour cream or plain yogurt. Tastefully Simple has a very good all natural Fiesta Party dip Mix which makes a very good replacement.

We bake 5 loaves of bread once or twice a week so when we need a pizza crust we just make the crust instead of the loaves of bread: One loaf makes two crusts. After baking it about 6 minutes, the 12″ crusts freeze very nicely in a two gallon plastic zip-lock bag.

Also the vegetables can be cut up ahead of time and kept for as long as a week if covered with water which is changed every day.

Bake one pizza crust and cool
Mix: 1 T. Fiesta Party Dip,
          ¼ c. mayonnaise (real mayonnaise only), and
          ¾ c. sour cream or plain yogurt
Spread on cooled crust
Cut into small pieces:
          Red/green/yellow peppers
          Whatever raw vegetables preferred (yellow squash, etc)
Top crust with vegetables
Chill well and serve



  1. Donald February 13, 2008 at 4:36 pm #

    That’s a recipe I remember really enjoying. Rather than cheese and pepperoni, it has a way of bringing out the tastes of hearty whole wheat, fresh vegetables and real spices. Truly a good recipe.

  2. Joshua February 14, 2008 at 6:50 pm #

    Hmmmm good! I am continually wonderfully surprised by how good vegetable meals taste. Not too long ago Mom tried a similar recipe on us and it was enjoyed immensely. I’m sure this one would be equally tasty!

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