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One Nation by Ben Carson

One Nation

Here are some pictures from the delightful time I’ve had visiting family and friends earlier this month. At the moment I am actually in the air flying to Montana for Barbara Sutton’s wedding! Looking out my window and down at the clouds while I read has really brought to life this flight illustration I’m reading […]

Miraculous Movements

Miracles in the twenty-first century?

Twelve years after the unforgettable wake up call, is your resolve still strong? One of the most practical ways to “wage a war against terrorism” is to be ready always to give an answer to every person of the full assurance we have of eternal life.  Nothing is sure in Islam. Indeed, for any of […]

The Noticer

I just couldn’t make myself put it down! The story was entertaining and fun, yet the underlying principles were profound and powerful. I starting reading it to a group of friends. They laughed. They listened. Then they asked me to read another chapter! To be honest, I don’t have the time to read very much […]

Titus: A Comrade of the Cross

“Titus was listening with all his ears, but he said nothing, for he hoped that the man would speak further…. He could have slipped away in the dark easily enough, and was half-minded to do so. Then he reflected that he might learn something more of his mysterious birth and parentage, if he stayed; besides, […]

Book Report: Mere Christianity

Who likes books on theology? Long discourses on religious beliefs always seemed boring and needless to me. However, in Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis takes the ordinary Christian doctrines we are all familiar with and expounds on them in a fascinating and exciting new way. He offers rational explanations for why things are as they […]