How to Gain Weight Control

Oh, no! I can’t get it zipped! I had just completed making a skirt. I had measured and I thought it would fit perfectly. But no, to be comfortable I would need to somehow make it two inches bigger or else tighten up the tummy!

Wll, I chose to loose the inches! It really wasn’t that difficult. I had to work harder and eat less! There was lots of snow to shovel so that took care of the work-harder part. The eat less idea was the easier part. Here are some things I did!

  • No snacking between meals
  • Lay down my spoon after every bite during meals
  • Put less on my plate
  • Pay attention to when I am full and then stop eating
  • Do without food from about 5:00 on Saturday until about the same time on Sunday
  • Go without breakfast on Thursday morning
  • Drink water to the amount of half my body weight converted to ounces every day
  • Drink water when I feel like I want a snack
  • Busy myself, when I feel hungry, with an activity that was not in the kitchen, realizing that those hunger pains meant that my stomach was shrinking!

Anyone can win the “battle of the bulge”! The best thing about loosing weight this way is that you form lifetime habits without faddish diets. It worked for me also because I have already developed a diet that is healthy but still includes all of the food groups:

  1. Fresh fruits & vegetables
  2. Instead of pork: venison, salmon, all natural chicken and turkey, farm eggs
  3. Only 100% whole wheat bread
  4. Other foods high in fiber—granola, oats, nuts, beans, pasta, sesame sticks, prunes soaked in water overnight.
  5. Small amounts of cheese
  6. Skim milk

I still had dessert on the weekends, salad dressing on my salad (in moderation) and butter & jelly on my bread!

I also continued to eat Michael’s delicious pumpkin pancakes with our maple syrup (thanks to Jonathan!) every Friday morning.

With moderation & common sense my new skirt fit after only two weeks.


  1. Wendy March 25, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    I haven’t been over for awhile, but I had to come and say “Great job!” in an area that I am always battling. (Right now, I’m trying to establish a consistent exercise routine.) Thanks for the motivation, and great ideas!
    Mrs. Gunn

  2. Crystal March 26, 2010 at 11:15 am #

    Congratulations! Eating lots of salads helps, too. Have you tried making homemade salad dressing?

  3. Michael March 30, 2010 at 7:40 am #

    Great post! That’s a good concept: “lifetime habits without faddish diets.” I’ve had a diet all my life – otherwise I would have starved to death. 🙂 The only “diet” I’ve ever embraced that I didn’t intend to stick to the rest of my life was a fast. Another thing I laugh at is the recommendation that half of your grains be whole grains. So did God create half grains?! Come on! A Biblical Christian worldview has solved all our food and eating issues and helped everyone in our family maintain fitness and health.

  4. Denise April 3, 2010 at 3:13 pm #

    The goal in any diet is to eat “whole foods” the foods that God himself has created. I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs in three months sticking to a certain mantra…what God created. No refined white flour AT ALL! I eat chicken, pork, beef, and bison. I eschew seafood due to the contaminants in the ocean. I eat free range eggs. I no longer drink cows’ milk only b/c it doesn’t sit right with me. Instead I drink almond milk which has actually been around since the middle ages. Almond milk has less calories, more protein, less cholesterol, less carbs, and significantly more vitamins than cows’ milk or soy. And the shelf life for almond milk exceeds that of dairy. I do eat yogurt but only Greek yogurt since it is the only yogurt with 5 live enzymes. I eat salads daily but only with high fat, whole food, dressing since research has shown that the human gut requires a minimum of 6 grams of fat to pull the caretenoids from the vegetable moorings. In other words if you use low fat or fat free dressing, your body will absorb less than half of the nutritional value of the veggies in your salad.
    I eat bread sparingly, because even commercially produced whole grain bread has hidden sugar. I eat fruits, veggies, and limit white potatoes to 1 time per month. No pasta, no pizza, no mexican food (corn), lentils 1x per month, etc. The hardest thing is to give up the addiction to white flour. Once you get over the “hunger” carbs cause, you’ll be surprised as to how often your body does NOT require eating.

  5. Tricia Vaughn March 2, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    Thanks for the encouragement, I am trying to lose weight. I love your site.

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