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“Jehovah” ≠ “Allah”


Despite what you might hear, Jehovah God and what is called “Allah” cannot be the same. After having a good talk with someone who had lived in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan for a while I thought a post of the highlights would do us all good. I am no theologian and I would sure like some […]

Staddons’ 100% Whole Wheat Bread

This bread has always been a defining characteristic of our family. We use this recipe for all the bread we make, whether pizza crusts, cinnamon rolls, buns, or raisin bread. Below are some important factors that may significantly change the process for others who use the recipe. Of course experience is important so that you […]

A Bates Sized Project


Over the last month, I’ve had the privilege of working on a cover design for the Bates family’s newest project: a soon-to-be-released music CD featuring 13 rousing hymns for piano arranged exclusively by Erin Bates! And like pretty much everything else the Bates family does, it is not your normal sized project. 🙂 Being in […]

Eagle Springs!!!!

The front of the lodge

What a refreshing, encouraging, rejuvenating week it was way out in the wilderness seeking the Lord and training the team to teach at school and Bible Club. I had a lot of new classes to teach which was a good stretch for me. The Lord is so faithful to give creative ideas! It was a […]

Happy Birthday Dear Grandma

Birthday cupcakes.

For us it just happens that Grandma’s birthday is actually very close to Grandma’s birthday . . . and vice versa . . . so to say the least it has been a wonderful time celebrating recently, and honoring them both on their special days. For Grandma Brown’s birthday we spent a day at her […]

Refreshing Rain!

We are rejoicing for the plentiful rain we received on Thursday! What little rain we have received in recent weeks has only been enough to moisten the surface while the subsoil remained dry as dust. This time it rained heavily at times and softly at times over a long period, allowing the water to soak […]

Operation Preparation!

Brianna - Our communications director!

It was a good feeling to move into our new offices and have a couple weeks to pull together the details of starting a new session. It’s pure joy to work with this incredible team! Our days began with prayer and were filled with all kinds of projects. I learned so much! Revising paperwork taught me […]

Need Water!

Things have been getting terribly dry around here, the grass getting browner and browner, crunching under foot. Goldenrod and asters are just about to come into full bloom with not enough moisture in the soil to supply the nectar that the honeybees need so badly. We’ve been watering some younger, less established trees in the […]

A Ministry of Art

The team of 39+ artists!

Last weekend, Robert, Daniel and I had the incredible opportunity to learn a very unique skill under the tutorship of one of the worlds leading chalk artist, Matt Bowman. Up until about 10 years ago, chalk drawing was a dying art, but through the diligent efforts of Eternity Arts, this very effective means of communication […]