Archive | September, 2010

Children’s Program a Success!

Fun with the Truthfulness lion costume!

There was  a marriage conference  held here at the Training Center and so I volunteered to help the Gomez family run the children’s program. A few days before the conference, we got word that there were only five children signed up for the program and one was a baby. So Brianna and I prayed asking […]

Beauty for Ashes


Have you ever seen a spruce tree with white flowers??? Thankfully, this single tree (other than some deer that were lost) is one of the only things on the farm that suffered long-term damage from the “long winter”. We didn’t weed-whack around it for a while and the Lord “made it beautiful in His time”. […]

An Unexpected Blessing

Even with four us working, the sorting took two hours.

One day the phone rang. It was Aunt Judy calling all the way from eastern Pennsylvania. She had found an art store that was going out of business there and giving away their extra matt board. Knowing that we were starting an art business, she wondered if we could take it. Of course we were […]

40 Days

Forty days of prayer for our nation will begin today, September 1. Consider seeking the Lord whole-heartedly: praying, asking Him for a Scripture verse that would address America’s situation, and, most of all, looking for what the Lord would have you do to be a part its revitalization. Proverbs 1 or Psalms 1 would be […]