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Reports from the Department of the Exterior; anything and everything we post about work projects, horticulture, agriculture, and property management.

In Celebration of Creation Sunday!

0995_Crescent City-Oregon-USA_Canon EOS 40D, 17 mm, 0.6 sec at f - 16, ISO 100

I don’t think I have ever written a post on Sunday before. But there’s certainly a reason to do so today! Did you know today is Creation Sunday? I hadn’t heard about it until I read OneNewsNow’s article on Defending Genesis’ efforts to celebrate the biblical Creator of the universe and the scientific account of […]

A Valentine’s Day Idea

Canva promo

Do you  have an email account? Are you subscribed to various promotional email lists? Are those promotional emails all decked out in pink and red, love and hearts? If you’re like me, you glance over them before hitting the delete button (if you even open it), right? Well, one promotional email today stopped me. It […]

Sassafras Season

It might be winter now, but Sassafras (or Sassyfras to some) season is just around the corner! Some time in the first half of February, well before the trees start to bud and after the ground has thawed, you can dig out a few Sassafras roots (a little goes a long way) and enjoy Sassafras […]

Late April Snow!

April 23, 2012 snowfall

We’ve had snow in April before, but it is usually just a light dusting, and early in the month. What made it especially unusual this year was the warm weather preceding it, which had caused many plants to  leaf out and bloom early. This situation enabled us to take pictures of the snow with things […]