New Beekeeping Training Opportunity

More training means less time and money wasted.

Michael designed this new beekeeping course to take you from knowing nothing to knowing all that is needed to keep honey bees successfully.

The course presents a step-by-step sequence to successful beekeeping. The knowledge from each lesson builds on the previous lessons. See the course description for an outline of the topics presented.
The information in this course is the result of both painstaking research and over a decade’s experience of immersion in beekeeping. Many beautiful photographs and the sprinkling of videos help to clarify the information presented.
Unlike a book, Michael updates this course as new research comes out and knowledge increases. Because the course is privately produced Michael does not have to be politically correct or ignore issues that beginners want to know about. He has constantly striven to present the facts simply and without bias; indifferent to the misinformation that abounds on the web.

About the Author:

Michael is a West Virginia Beekeeper Association (WVBA) master beekeeper. He has served as president of the North Central West Virginia Beekeepers Association (NCWVBA) for six years and worked as an apiary specialist for his state’s department of agriculture. In addition, he has his own beekeeping business and has led pollinator research projects.


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  1. Jeremie Rheaume January 26, 2018 at 5:26 pm #

    Really nice course, I highly recommend it to everyone who want to start or gain more experience in beekeeping.

  2. Esther January 28, 2018 at 3:29 pm #

    Michael, I appreciate your natural beekeeping methods that assure me that the honey from your hives is top quality and gives me the maximum health benefits possible. If I’d ever go into beekeeping, I’d want you to be my teacher! Until then, thanks for making honey available to those of us who want the best without the trouble of raising bees ourselves.

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