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How Old?

On a photo excursion earlier this week, I hiked out into the backwoods with a fellow from church to an old deserted farm here in West Virginia. I marveled when he told me how old the antiquated buildings were. How old would you guess this farm house is? Leave a comment with your guess and […]

Did You Know . . .

  . . . That there are three stages in life? 1. You believe there really is a Santa Claus! 2. You absolutely do not believe in Santa Claus! 3. You ARE Santa Claus!   . . . That: “There’d be no Christmas greetings, there’d be no Christmas morn; there’d be no Christmas season if […]

Big McHenry Tomato 6-year Report

What I call the ‘Big McHenry’ tomato was originally bred in Middlebourn, West Virginia (Tyler County) by a Mr. Mccutchan (or Mccutcheon?) in the earlier part of the 20th century. David McHenry acquired the seeds and continued growing them along with his nephew, Neil, a friend to both my grandfather (Bud Brannon of Salem, WV) […]

The irony

While America’s people feel the pressure of a government that thought it could pay people to not work, the president of France seems to have given us a good example!

Give And It Shall Be Given Unto You

Daniel and Kara Lee's reception was a highlight of the trip--and another opportunity to give perfect greetings!

Have you noticed how often the simple act of giving a good-natured: “Merry Christmas!” makes it more of a “merry Christmas” for you yourself as well? Why? Because a cheerful greeting is one of the most basic forms of giving. Last weekend our family was strengthened and encouraged at the IBLP Christmas Conference. So many […]

A Little Christmas Seasoning

Stop at Hocking Hikks on the way home

This morning we read Psalm 133 about the beauty of brethren dwelling together in unity. At breakfast we all talked about what has helped us in our efforts to be best friends. Michael: One thing that has helped me build good relationships with my brothers and sister is realizing that it is my fault if […]