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365 Days of Blogging!

  Today, the 30th of August, 2007, we are celebrating one year of! We would like to take this time to express our gratefulness to Robert for designing and manintaining our site. We would also like to thank all of you who have motivated us with your comments and we praise Lord Jesus Christ for giving us a purpose […]

Flowers in Our Front Yard

We have enjoyed watching some beautiful flowers grow in our front yard. Angel trumpets, they are called. They are a welcome sight as they fill in some bare spots there. The spreading plant, exotic-looking leaves, and enormous blooms cover the area marvelously. Interestingly you can’t always tell when they will bloom; it is very dependent […]

Banana Cinnamon Pancakes

Every Friday we have pancakes. To vary the routine we have tried all sorts of different flavors and shapes for speciel occasions. This week we got a phone call from some friends that Michael works for. They told us they had some bananas for us. So we went to pick them up. They had a big box of […]

Reflections on Life Focus

It’s hard to believe that almost four weeks have passed since the conclusion of Life Focus XV. But I didn’t want it to pass without commenting on how it ended. The final graduation on August 28 displayed only a small part of what the students had just accomplished. Their body, soul, and spirit had been […]

Family Night

We have spent many delightful hours together as a family this summer playing badminton. A friend who joined us one evening made a very insightful comment: “Families who pray together and play together, stay together.” This is so true. We have seen many benefits to setting aside one evening a week for what we call […]

Back from an Inspiring Conference! Part 2

Welcome back to the follow up post on Flash News Interviews! Today we will be questioning the rest of the group that traveled to Indianapolis from August 7-11 for the ATI Homeschool Conference! “Esther, I hear you were leading a pre-Excel team of 12 wonderful 9-11 year old girls. Tell us about it.” She said: “Well, the […]

Back from an Inspiring Conference! Part 1

Wow, so much was covered in this years ATI Home Schooling Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here are specific things that members of the family shared with me during this morning’s Flash News Interviews. David, what did you think of the day of delighting in the Lord? “God spoke to me through Ps. 119:9 and Prov. […]

God’s Power in Prayer!

A good friend of mine recently gave me a journal of what she prayed for me as I was doing ministry work this spring. I compared entries with my journal and found serveral times that what was prayed was exactly what I needed that day. God hears prayer! Here are a few examples: Jennifer’s journal […]

Preparations for an Amazing Opportunity

It is not too often that a missionary is paid by an organization in the host country to come and serve. But this is the marvelous provision that the Lord has made for the team that Donald will be serving with in Taiwan. (We plan to post more specific updates so stay tuned!) After notification […]