Archive | January, 2007

Book Report: The Robe

Set in the time of history surrounding Jesus’ life and ministry, The Robe is a story of Marcellus, the Tribune who Pilate commanded to carry out the crucifixion. This incredibly detailed novel is definitely ranked high among my favorite books. Ever since the dreadful day of Jesus’ death, Marcellus was deeply disturbed with a conviction mysteriously […]

Mighty Knights!

Today David and I decided that it would be really exciting to dress up like knights. So we got a lot of cardboard and made helmets, shields, a battleaxe and a spear. Then we went downstairs and pretended to fight a great big battle! In the fighting that ensued, David got wounded but I came […]

Christmas Impressions

Christmas is one of the most enjoyable and challenging seasons to photograph. The feelings of peace, coziness, anticipation, and reverence are the invisible impressions I strive to create in my final works of art. This rarely comes by accident but is achieved through experience, forethought, and creative deliberation. Here are the highlights of Christmas 2006. […]

A New Adventure

Today I flew up to Chicago, where I’ll be serving with IBLP this year. Though it is tough to be leaving my family and putting my business on hold for a while, I know the Lord is leading in this direction and I’m excited about the opportunities to serve Him through this ministry! The theme […]

Christmas ’06

This Christmas is one I hope never to forget! Everyone was here, from David to Donald to Dad. No one was missing. Even Grandma and Grandpa Brannon were able to spend the whole day with us. Mom and Dad really went out of their way to surprise us too.  They purchased very useful gifts which we as […]