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Reports from the Department of the Exterior; anything and everything we post about work projects, horticulture, agriculture, and property management.

Bee Analogy

Well, the crocuses bloomed last week! With joy we watched the honeybees crawl in and out of the colorful blooms. A day earlier, Michael and I had gone to the Beekeepers’ Meeting. That week the speaker was Harold Miller—a weathered mountaineer “who lives in his bee yard”. Between giving tips and answering questions, he mentioned something to beware of: something that […]

Tapping into God’s Creation

The end of winter tends to be a barren time of year. Gardens are in the planning and planting stage. Most of the stored provisions from the previous year’s harvest are getting low. But even though the grass is brown and the trees still bear, there is a harvest to be reaped hidden deep in […]

Reinforcements Now Appearing!

Ever since I can remember, the morning Rhema Search has been a special time for our family. Rhema Searches are different than the personal devotions that we have on our own because we read the Bible as a family and share the insights and direction that we find. Recently, a particularly good application was demonstrated. February is the month […]

Orchard Patrol Birdfeeder

    An idea was put into action in 2004 which has turned out to be a success after a two-year trial. The idea was to make a specially designed birdfeeder that would attract specific beneficial species of birds to the orchard area. The beneficial species include those with the habit of finding and eating the harmful insects […]