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Depart from iniquity

Our family recently read the short book of 2 John and I began to see how important this book is for every Christian to understand. “And this is love, that we walk after His commandments. This is the commandment, that, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it. For many deceivers are entered […]

Surprised by Joy

A few months ago I received a gift from a cousin for participating in his wedding. It was a medium-sized book by C.S. Lewis. Not expecting much, I started it that evening, but little did I know how strongly it would enthrall me from the very first chapter. With a comprehensive vocabulary and astounding way […]

George Washington the Christian

Washington is one of the few presidents that have become well-known and remained well-known in schoolrooms across the world. So impecable was his character that not even his enemies could find an occaision to speak evil of him. The foundation for this tremendous accomplishment is explored in a book I have just finished reading: George Washington the Christian. George Washington […]

God Comforteth

In the year 2002 my son Robert gave Don and I a book for Christmas entitled “Morning by Morning” by Charles Spurgeon. Finally last year, 2006, I decided to read this devotional guide.There was a paragraph for each day of the year with a very short, very uncommon scripture text. I found each paragraph to […]

Book Report: The Heavenly Man

This book is incredible. To the western mind it is almost hard to believe as true. Yet it is. Surprisingly recent as well, this amazing story of a dedicated Christian in Communist China is virtually packed with miracles. Brother Yun made the tough decision of dedicating his life to God at a young age in a nation […]

Book Report: The Robe

Set in the time of history surrounding Jesus’ life and ministry, The Robe is a story of Marcellus, the Tribune who Pilate commanded to carry out the crucifixion. This incredibly detailed novel is definitely ranked high among my favorite books. Ever since the dreadful day of Jesus’ death, Marcellus was deeply disturbed with a conviction mysteriously […]