PRAYER the real battle

I was greatly encouraged by this little 78 page book. Some of the highlights to me were:

  • Pray for people as if you were going to die for them.
  • Pray before temptation hits so that your spirit is enjoying fellowship with the Lord and you have God’s perspective of sin when it presents itself.
  • “Prayer is the battle, evangelism is the mopping up afterward, discipleship programs such as church, organizations, programs, are the trucks that come in afterward and pick up the spoil” – Ronald Dunn.
  • If something interrupts your day, pray for it, that is part of God’s purpose for your day.
  • Pray scripture for people. It is encouraging to people if you let them know what scripture you are praying for them.
  • Be willing to be part of the answer to your prayers.

Isn’t that good?! What a privilege That God asks us to be part of His work through prayer.

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