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One Nation by Ben Carson

One Nation

Here are some pictures from the delightful time I’ve had visiting family and friends earlier this month. At the moment I am actually in the air flying to Montana for Barbara Sutton’s wedding! Looking out my window and down at the clouds while I read has really brought to life this flight illustration I’m reading […]

Learning Photography at HEAV

Had a great time at the Home Educators Association of Virginia Convention last weekend! There were a ton of things we were assigned to take pictures of at a convention of over 12,500 attendees, but with a team of 9 other photographers on the Photography Team, we had it covered! The Lord also gave opportunity […]

Spreading the Word about Lenspirations!

A scenic overlook on the way

 James and I had a great time at the HEAV Convention! Last week at the Family Conference in Nashville we were challenged to be more specific in our prayer life. So this week our specific request for this convention was that we would be able to make good connections with other photographers. That prayer has […]