The Rockies Road Trip Begins!

Yea! None of us could believe the time had actually come to embark on our family vacation to visit the Kowalchuks in Canada! The adventure began with a few wonderful days at Robert and Kendalyn’s house. Dad and Mom flew down to TX and back for Jonathan’s graduation from ALERT Basic Training. What a grand reunion it was when all three of them returned and the 12 of us were together again!


Mr. Gothard beat dad by one point!

IMAG0492Michael Won!

Robbed the bank!

David challenging Kevin to a game of Ping Pong

Robert gave us a tour of Downtown Chicago!IMAG0517U-505 which was captured by the Allies in World War IIWatching Born to Be Wild on a 5 story screen!

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  1. Christi A October 29, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    What fun it looks like you all had there! I am so glad that the Lord has blessed Mr. Gothard with the active countenance and very sound strength to still be able to play games like pingpong.

    Sauntina is so beautiful!

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