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Happy Moments Over the Past Couple Weeks

We've gone to sing at the nursing home every Monday night

It is such a joy to walk with Our Precious Lord and Savior! Here are special memories from the last couple weeks: Hearing the much-needed rain pounding on my window as I drifted off to sleep. Hanging streamers and taping up balloons for a surprise birthday party for Sarah! Having the pastor announce at church […]

A Very Good First Week!

Mom speaking to the ladies at the FEW

A lot has happened since the FEW conference last weekend!  The Lord blessed Robert, Kendalyn, Sauntina, Daniel and I with a safe trip and though I miss my family very much, I am enjoying getting to know the incredible IBLP staff and am loving my work here. I am so grateful for the Lord’s direction […]

The Power of Music

Finally, we have published our book about the power and morality of music. It was worth the time it took to write this book just to have family time together.The unique perspective of each member was of great valuable. The book has 300 pages and is now available at our on-line store. ~  

Narrow and Few

Think about it: despite its size, the little car could very well have more happy passengers inside than all the surrounding tractor trailor trucks combined.

Much more serious is the general agnostic atmosphere pervading everything and deadening all convictions, those as to sin and truth included. . . . A broad spirit of tolerance is insisted upon, especially in matters of religion, and any and all are branded as narrow who dare think otherwise. That word “narrow” is one of […]