Archive | October, 2007

Are you Prepared?

November 7, 2008 may very well be the most important date in United States history. The presidential election is fast approaching. Are you prepared? Candidates in both the Republican and Democratic parties have poured time, money, and effort into their campaigns for months, if not years. But time and money do not decide the victory. […]

A Joy to Serve

The recent Eternal Impact Summit was a refreshing time spiritually for the many young adults who took time out to enjoy seeking the Lord with others of like heart. The IBLP staff working behind the scenes experienced the incredible joy of serving the Lord in ministry together. One particularly fun event for us was serving […]

Come Apart and Rest A While

After an incredibly busy conference season, the IBLP Headquarters staff took a few days off in the beautiful Northwoods of Michigan. The autumn colors were right around their peak, proclaiming the glory of God in creation and painting a gorgeous canvas of vibrant color all over the landscape This refreshing time of fellowship and rest […]

Surprised by Joy

A few months ago I received a gift from a cousin for participating in his wedding. It was a medium-sized book by C.S. Lewis. Not expecting much, I started it that evening, but little did I know how strongly it would enthrall me from the very first chapter. With a comprehensive vocabulary and astounding way […]

The Love Tree

This month our family has been studying the character quality of “love” (Giving to others’ basic needs without having as my motive personal reward). To help us learn this quality we made a “love tree.” Here’s how it works: each person gets a different colored heart. Every time someone does a good deed” they write […]