Archive | February, 2007

Ice-skating on our pond!

We had snow on the ground for over two weeks and the temperatures were in the teens for the last couple nights so are little pond froze over. We tested it out every day to see if we could go ice skating. On Sunday night the temperature dipped down almost to zero. So on Monday […]

A Record breaking Bike ride

Saturday, February 3rd set some new records. First, we woke up to the coldest morning of the year and of the winter season. Hovering at 8°F., the frigid weather formed ice on my eyebrows from the condensation of my own breath. But the freezing temperature was not the only record of the day. When the temperature had […]

Revival in Indianapolis!

Yesterday was the conclusion of the five-day Dad’s Conference here at the Indianapolis Training Center. Over five hundred fathers were here, including my Dad, who drove up with Mr. Wilkes. The spirit of revival that took place was incredible! The time that I got to spend with Dad while he was here was very meaningful! And […]

Book Report: The Heavenly Man

This book is incredible. To the western mind it is almost hard to believe as true. Yet it is. Surprisingly recent as well, this amazing story of a dedicated Christian in Communist China is virtually packed with miracles. Brother Yun made the tough decision of dedicating his life to God at a young age in a nation […]