Working towards Life Focus

Today is the last day that Michael and James are going to be here at the farm for awhile. They’re heading off to Indianapolis for six weeks to be a part of Life Focus! We are really going to miss them and all the hard work that they do around here everyday.

Donald, Daniel, Esther, and Mom are all needed to fill Michael’s shoes as the gardener. David will be in charge of feeding our dog (Sentrina) and the deer. Donald will be taking over the mowing. And Robert and Jonathan are going to take care of managing all eight hives with close to 395,281 bees! (last we “counted”). In short, we’re all going to be busy as bees while they’re gone. However, it will be worth it all because of the different kind of work they will be doing at Life Focus.

Life Focus is a program to help young men who want to deepen their relationship with the Lord and their fathers. Please pray for Michael and James as the Lord brings them to your mind. And keep checking back for updates from them to see how the Lord blesses.


  1. James October 7, 2006 at 5:40 am #

    The Lord has really blessed the time here at the Indianpolis Training Center for this challenging program! For the past two weeks the students, along with leadership, have done an amazing amount of work projects around the Training Center as well as two other place, the North Woods Conference Center in Watersmeet Michigan and at the South Campus just outside of Indianapolis Indiana. Keep praying that we as leaders would be an example of the believers with our words, actions, and responces to tough situations. Also pray that the students would be built up by the rigerous schedule, depending on God for their strength and success.

  2. Jonathan October 11, 2006 at 10:31 am #

    Wow! James, that sounds like you are geting a lot done at the North Woods. Keep up the good work!

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