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Late April Snow!

April 23, 2012 snowfall

We’ve had snow in April before, but it is usually just a light dusting, and early in the month. What made it especially unusual this year was the warm weather preceding it, which had caused many plants to  leaf out and bloom early. This situation enabled us to take pictures of the snow with things […]



One of the things the Staddons have always done is make their own granola! It’s great as a topping, as a breakfast cereal, or even a special gift. Our method of making it has changed in small ways many times and we have tried many different varieties, some of them unforgettable! 🙂 At the present […]

2008 Peach Trial Report

“Ye shall know them by their fruits.” For the past few years we have begun evaluating a few peach cultivars here in our orchard. A summary of our conclusions so far would simply be this, that the ‘Reliance’ cultivar (planted in 2005 on seedling stock) outperformed the other 4 varieties tested by a long  shot. […]