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Follow the aroma coming from the kitchen! Posts concerning scrumptious recipes and tips from our great chefs.

Banana Cinnamon Pancakes

Every Friday we have pancakes. To vary the routine we have tried all sorts of different flavors and shapes for speciel occasions. This week we got a phone call from some friends that Michael works for. They told us they had some bananas for us. So we went to pick them up. They had a big box of […]

A crock pot breakfast: hot and hearty

Did you ever wish you could make breakfast in the crock pot too? Well believe it or not you can and this recipe is one that has not only met all our own criteria but has become a staple on our weekly menu year-round. 2 c. wheat berries (whole kernels, raw) 7 c. water (pure […]

Molasses Stack Cake

This cake is much more than fluff and icing; there is really something to it! I liked the dense texture and  ginger bread taste of the molasses. Mom and David put it together for Michael’s 26th birthday which was on the 7th of February and it turned out really good. They used the apple butter in between the layers and […]

Granola Bars

Oats! Their hearty whole grain taste is one of my favorites. In this recipe Mom combines them with coconut, honey and wheat germ to make the granola bars that we’ve come to enjoy both at home and on the road. They’re delicious but not overly sweet, packed with energy and easy to transport. Try for […]

Gingerbread Creations

Thursday evening found David and I, in full Christmas spirit, busily making our first batch of gingerbread cookies. We had just finished mixing up the dough when David peeked in the bowl, noticed it was sticky, and remarked, “I think we need another half cup of flour!” Looking at the recipe, I saw to my amazement that it […]

Whole Wheat Bread

There is a secret to getting everything you need from your daily bread. The greatest possible health benefits will be gained from your bread if you have a way to use freshly ground whole wheat. Flour loses almost all it’s vitamins 72 hours from the time it is ground. The nutrition in bread made from flour that is older […]

An Autumn Tradition: Pumpkin Pie

With so much pumpkin from the garden this year, what better way to use it than to make pumpkin pie! We like the honey in this recipe that replaces all the sugar, though we do serve it with cool whip or ice cream. 🙂 This is perfect for Thanksgiving. 2 eggs, slightly beaten 2 cups […]

Pumpkin Bisque

The days are getting colder and there is nothing like a good hot soup to warm you up. Hmmm. What kind of soup should we make? Around here pumpkin bisque is a logical answer. Last week Donald brought in over 300 pounds of melon squash which can be used just like pumpkin. The blending step […]

Nutmeg Crisps

I thought that you would enjoy these cookies that Mom and I made during my Math class. I had to double the recipe. Instead of 6 dozen we made 118 cookies! ½ c. butter 2 tsp. baking powder 1 c. brown sugar ¼ tsp. salt 1 ½ tsp. vannilla extract nutmeg ½ tsp. almond extract […]