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Read about our perspectives on world events in His story. This could include quotes, hymn histories, current events, and any type of historical documentation.

Everyone Votes

This year everyone votes. Like it or not it’s evident there are just two sides in this election. Every citizen of the United States will identify which side they are on with their vote (or lack of a vote) within the next three and a half days. Like many recent presidential elections, polls show that […]

Remember Foreign Missionaries

2606_Canon EOS 40D, 31 mm, 1-125 sec at f - 5.6, ISO 200

Being in Korea on Memorial Day is a little different than being in the States. Though it is not a recognized holiday here, Donald and I took the opportunity to recognize with honor a special group of great men and women from the past during a recent fieldtrip to Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery in Seoul. […]

Someone is Eating the Sun!

2765_Canon EOS 40D, 200 mm, 1-8000 sec at f - 22, ISO 100

I have fond memories from childhood of reading and re-reading a delightful little children’s book called Someone is Eating the Sun, which in it’s own humorous way described the scientific marvel of a solar eclipse. Now as of this morning, some 15 years later, I can officially say that I have experienced a real solar […]

“Never Again”

The US Congress has set aside this day, April 19, as our nation’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust. Pray for Israel, as her people remember the past and as the leaders of the nation make decisions for the future that will affect you and I. If you haven’t already, we can also recommend visiting […]


Salem Depot as seen from the railroad bed.

1912 was an interesting year. For one thing it was the year of the Titanic. Today marks the 100th year anniversary of its propitious launch. Who could have guessed what would happen four days later? It has been said that no historical subjects have attracted such long-lived popularity as the first coming of Jesus Christ, […]

The Hope of a Soldier

In camp or out . . .

From “A Mother’s Parting Words to Her Soldier Boy” Ah, my son, if you have no soul to save,—no sins to be forgiven, if Christ did not die for you,—if there is no Heaven, ho hell, no immortality,—then you may live without repentance and salvation. But you have a soul—you are a sinner—Christ shed His […]

Washington’s Vision

The winter before Salem’s first settlers staked their claims along the headwaters of Tenmile Creek in what was then northern Virginia, Washington delivered his first Annual Message (State of the Union address) to the Congress in New York City. It makes an informative and enjoyable read of about fifteen minutes. In it, his vision and […]