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Birthday Celebrations

Since our family was planning to take a vacation to Virginia the weekend of Donald’s and my birthdays, we decided to celebrate them a week early. Throughout the day that we celebrated my birthday, a late and heavy snow drifted down outside, which added to the cozy atmosphere inside. Every one took time out of their […]

A “New” Approach to Life!

During the Wilkes’ stay at our house last weekend we watched the Advanced Seminar with them. It was a very encouraging time for both our families. The wealth of information presented by Dr. Gothard and several other speakers prompted many insightful discussions during the breaks between each video. Donald and Dad put many hours into planning […]

Book Report: The Heavenly Man

This book is incredible. To the western mind it is almost hard to believe as true. Yet it is. Surprisingly recent as well, this amazing story of a dedicated Christian in Communist China is virtually packed with miracles. Brother Yun made the tough decision of dedicating his life to God at a young age in a nation […]

Book Report: The Robe

Set in the time of history surrounding Jesus’ life and ministry, The Robe is a story of Marcellus, the Tribune who Pilate commanded to carry out the crucifixion. This incredibly detailed novel is definitely ranked high among my favorite books. Ever since the dreadful day of Jesus’ death, Marcellus was deeply disturbed with a conviction mysteriously […]

One Exciting Weekend

This was truly one exhilarating, exhausting, yet encouraging weekend! From around 8:00 Saturday evening when the Wilkes Team pulled in until 2:00 Monday afternoon as they tooted at the end of the driveway, our adrenaline levels hardly gave us a chance to rest. Catching up on the events of the last few months and gathering in the Living Room for […]