One Exciting Weekend

This was truly one exhilarating, exhausting, yet encouraging weekend! From around {WilkesFall06} Markie gets a ride up to the loft8:00 Saturday evening when the Wilkes Team pulled in until 2:00 Monday afternoon as they tooted at the end of the driveway, our adrenaline levels hardly gave us a chance to rest. Catching up on the events of the last few months and gathering in the Living Room for an {WilkesFall06} Markie also gets a ride downinspiring church service took till noon Sunday. Afterwards, everyone (from Marky to Michael:)) participated in a thrilling game of Bible Runners (where Matthew, Michael and I were the KGB). After roasting marshmallows around the bonfire behind the barn and viewing a slide show of James’ pictures of the 7 weeks of Life Focus, everyone was ready to hit the sack.

{WilkesFall06} Deputies Jonathan, Markie, and Adam{WilkesFall06} Kenan rests beside the bonfire

{WilkesFall06} Fearful of the climb!{WilkesFall06} The oldest and youngest work together






The next morning we had several duels over the {WilkesFall06} One bite takes care of this marshmallowping-pong table, ate a delectable breakfast, and played some exciting games of “Around the World”. Knowing they would need to leave around 1:00, we decided, since God had blessed us with such fine weather, to do something outside {WilkesFall06} A very well done marshmallow for Danielinstead of our traditional Settler’s game. After a vote, we chose Capture The Flag. The sides were just too even. With Matthew and Daniel Wilkes on the opposing team, our defense was kept constantly on guard. Early in the game both flags were found, but stopped after only being carried a few feet away. For quite a while each side kept attempting raids, with no success. Then Daniel Wilkes managed to get up higher on the hill behind James and I. Suddenly, when both of us happened to look away at the same time for a split second, he darted in. Grabbing the flag, he attempted to change direction. But it was on one of the steepest parts of the hill and instead he just slid. James and I slid down on top of him in a second, but somehow managed not to touch him. Realizing too late our mistake, we watched him dash across the line only a few feet away. Everyone exploded in a victorious uproar and we could hardly believe it. That was one of the best games of Capture the Flag I’d ever played. 

{WilkesFall06} Waving goodbye

Then watching them disappear down Buffalo Calf through the leafless tress, we all agreed this had been one of the best visits we’d had with the Wilkes. Distance dosn’t devide the fellowship of those who are of like faith!


  1. Robert November 29, 2006 at 3:06 am #

    What a great report, Daniel! Sounds like yet another fantastic visit from the Wilkes family! “How good and how pleasent it is when brethren dwell together in unity.” Thanks for the fun update and the good pictures! The smiles were great. And the one of “waving goodbye” at the end was very fitting. 🙂

  2. Wilkes Team December 2, 2006 at 9:49 am #

    What a joy it was being with you all!! Thank you for having us all up there. We would have to agree with you that it was one of the best visits we have had. We praise the Lord for you all!
    Love, The Wilkes Team
    Great pictures James! You definitely got some great shots:o)

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