Birthday Celebrations

{DBird07} The cake finished at last{DBird07} Another incredible cake - this one by MichaelSince our family was planning to take a vacation to Virginia the weekend of Donald’s and my birthdays, we decided to celebrate them a week early. Throughout the day that we celebrated my birthday, a late and heavy snow drifted down outside, which added to the cozy atmosphere inside. Every one took time out of their normal routine to make the evening a special one – especially Donald, who put his art skills to work and produced a beautiful icing picture of a coyote.

{DBird07} Everyone gathers around to admire a cleverly designed homemade birthday card{DBird07} A placemat featuring original artwork of Donald Staddon{DBird07} Admiring the skill of an expertRelatives and family were very generous, and I received several gifts. David a{DBird07} Discovering the intricacies of the new chess timern{DBird07} Guess who?d Donald had worked together making a homemade placemat with original art work on it, and an uncle sent an elaborate marble chess set. I was given a chess timer to go along with it, and we’re all looking to hours of strategy and excitement playing together. One of the funnest gifts was juggling clubs! I’ve got a little practice so far, but still have a long way to go. Jonathan and David are also catching on, and we can’t wait to work on a few tricks together.

{DBird07} Extinguishing the flames in one blowSaturday night we all looked at albums after Donald’s party, and it was an excellent time to reminesce of past events and times together as a family. We all rejoiced at how God has continued to deepen our valuable relationships with him and each other over the years, and anticipate what he will accomplish through us in the upcoming year!


  1. Linda April 12, 2007 at 3:21 am #

    Happy Birthday to you and Donald! Hope you had a wonderful birthday evening with your family.Donald’s skills in art(especially the coyote) is really appreciating, and yes, going through the albums after any family get together is a great way to go back to the golden moments. I often do the same when I have parties at my home.

  2. Joshua April 13, 2007 at 7:10 am #

    Robert had mentioned the amazing cake designing in a recent email. We all had to imagine what those cakes must have looked like, but not anymore. Wow – they turned out really well. A definite labor of love! Happy Birthday Donald & Daniel.

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