In Loving Memory

From different times and through a variety of divine appointments, I deeply appreciate the courage, servant-leadership, and personal standards of excellence portrayed in the lives of Mrs. R.T. Spivey, Mrs. Carol Koning and Mr. Jim Heiniger. I know they are enjoying the very presence of the Savior now. And I know the faithfulness and generosity they inspired is being used of the Lord not only in my own life but in countless others whose lives they touched!

We are sincerely grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Spivey. One of the things we remember is how they hosted us in Little Rock on the way to and from Robert's wedding last year. Their hospitality made us feel a lot less like pilgrims and strangers! Matthew 25:35June 30, 1994: Mrs. Koning's perspective on "The Snake Story". To this day I remember her testimony of overcoming fear.Together Mr. and Mrs. Heiniger loved the Lord, one another, then the many others that God brought into their lives

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