About the 2012 Calendar: December

The Essence of Christmas


A freezing, snowy night + an old, rickety piano + an ancient, homely building = a cozy, fantastic picture! This is what went running through my head as I passed through the deserted Staff Center meeting room at the IBLP Headquarters in Hinsdale, Illinois, that late, wintery night in mid-December 2009. Luckily, I already had my camera equipment with me, tripod and all, after spending time in the dining room shooting Christmas trees, Christmas lights and various other decorations of the season. Though it was nearing midnight, I couldn’t help but arrange a few compositions of the conglomeration of picturesque elements setting in the corner of the room. It wasn’t every day that I had my camera handy, let alone that there was falling snow outside combined with evening solitude inside.

To make it a decent, uncluttered picture, I had to remove a lot of books and miscellaneous stuff laying around the piano. However, I didn’t disturb the songbook that already lay upon the music rack. It was just fine the way it was. I debated whether or not to take the scraggly little tree draped in Christmas lights out from behind the piano, but I decided that because it harmonized with the overall old-fashioned theme, I would keep it there too.

Though not a landscape image, I feel this picture perfectly captured the nostalgic and anticipative emotions of December enough to include it as 1 of only 12 pictures used for Lenspiration’s 2012 Calendar.

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  1. Michael February 2, 2012 at 8:20 am #

    Blow me down! I thought it was a bright sunny morning picture of a very nice piano in a very classy setting. (Don’t send me out to buy a piano – I wouldn’t even know what kind of rootstock to get it on! :)) It must have been a very bright outside light that caused the light on the floor, the downward shadows from the window panes, and especially the glare on the music rack, piano keys, bench, and snowbank outside the window. I never noticed that the woods outside seemed a little dim – maybe I assumed it was underexposed because of the glare. But looking back at it again, I can see it in a very different “light”.

  2. James February 9, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    Ha! 🙂 The bright light from the outside is from a spotlight.

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