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Pic of the Month: February ‘11

Under the Sun Have you ever considered that all your wonderful camera equipment is not much more than this: weeds? Both will eventually break down. One more quickly than the other, of course, but neither of them will last . . .

February Birthdays!

This cake gets the healthy award!

  Michael and I both had joyous celebrations this month and are thanking the Lord for another year to serve Him! Praise the Lord for his  goodness and the wonderful works he has done to us. We plan to make this a year of thanking Him and declaring His works with rejoicing! (See Psalm 107:21-22)

Just One Day

"You always have time to do what you do first."

Monday! For years we’ve always worked together to clean house early on Monday morning. Last Monday was no exception—but it seemed there was a host of “other things” to do and we wondered where to start. Many things begin on Monday. It links the rest, fellowship and vision of Sunday to the everyday work of […]

One Special Evening

Valentine Banquet 2011

Last Friday the single staff here at Headquarters hosted an elaborate and truly spectacular Valentine Banquet to honor the training center directors and other special guests. I was asked to help organize the servers for the banquet, and this position allowed me to see firsthand the exhaustive attention to detail, flawless teamwork, and Christ-like character […]

Gutenburg’s Vision Has Come to Pass

Praise God for the National Bible Bee, Awanas, IBLP, Wycliff Bible Translators, Walk Thru the Bible,, Creation to Christ, and many others that continue Gutenberg's vision: to bring the truths of Scripture to cover the world like the wind.

A word of refreshing reminder to our spirits from the inventor of moveable type, the foundation for today’s “untiring” printing presses. . . . “God suffers in the multitude of souls whom His word can not reach. Religious truth is imprisoned in a small number of manuscript books which confine instead of spread the public […]

A report from Egypt

Our friends from B.E.N. are in contact with nationals on the ground in Egypt, monitoring events several times each day. Here is their report as of about February 4. “Due to poverty, socialism, and unbelievably hard living circumstances in Egypt, a group of educated and reasonable people tried to call the government’s attention to the […]

The Test

"Not all that glitters is gold."

Do you remember what your response was the last time the Lord gave you a “test”? Life is full of tests. More often than not, life’s tests are untimely and we often don’t even recognize a problem as a test until it is over. But each one is allowed by God and will turn out […]

Touring Canada!

The Garfat family in Beachburg Ontario, who have hosted me for the past few days, have been showing me around their part of the great country of Canada! For the past few days, we have been in the Lennoxville area, just north of Vermont. It has been great fun visiting with many families, touring a […]

Chicago Buried!

On Tuesday we heard that the Chicago area was going to be getting some snow, so we prepared to get up a little earlier to make time for some shoveling. Little did we know that we would wake up to nearly 20 inches of snow and a winter wonderland! Chicago was hit with the worst […]

A Huge Blessing


That’s right; completely sold out! Thanks to you and the many who purchased Lenspiration’s Observe 2011 calendar, I have no more left to sell. The endeavor was a success! “. . . if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified […]