Summary: Building Relationships

Today could be divided into two main sections. First, the team traveled about two hours north by bus to a school where took the opportunity to share testimonies, sing, and explain how to have true success in life. We then ate lunch with the students and had a great time just interacting with them one on one.

We concluded the day with a fantastic banquet at a friend’s home. Again, fellowship and building relationships with new people were the highlights.

The guys quartet on a special stage prepared for the banquet A panpipe, an instrument used often in South American music.

I also wanted to post a few random pictures I took during our long hours of traveling. Along the coast, it is indeed desert both geographically and, sadly, economically.

A fairly typical scene on the outskirts of Lima A roadside market

Crossing an old, rickety bridge in the country. I believe it was part of the main highway system that was under construction at the time. The "mist" never cleared; visibility was always low due to all the humidity and dust in the air. A country farmer at work, plowing as his fathers have for centuries

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