A Day of Firsts

To South America! 
The first day of this special mission’s trip started at 5:30AM in the morning of July 11th. It is now almost 2:00AM por la madrugada of the 12th. It has certainly been the logest day of travel I have experienced yet, but I am grateful to the Lord that He has brought the entire team safely to Peru!

Flew into Miami, FL, from Chicago, IL, at 1:00PM. First time in Miami!

The Miami airportOur faithful Boeing 676

Took off from Miami 5:30PM, flew over Cuba and Panama, crossing the equator at 8:30PM. First time south to the southern hemisphere!

We flew in the largest plane I’d ever flown in before, a Boeing 767, flying at an altitude of 10670 meters. They say it was –40 degrees outside the airplane.

Flight to Lima was delayed more than an hour
Touched down in Lima, Peru, at 10:24PM. First time to Peru; first time to South America!

Welcome to Peru!

On the short drive from the airport to the hotel, we took a “shortcut” to see the Pacific Ocean. It was dark and shrouded with mist, yet we could still see massive waves pounding the beach from the car window. First time to see the Pacific!

God has granted us great things today. !Menos mal!

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  1. Hannah Burnett July 12, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    Yay!! Glad ya’ll made it safe to Peru. Praying for everyone!

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