Archive | August, 2009

David’s Manhood Ceremony!

This month we gathered together for a special celebration  of a new stage of responsibility in my life. Prior to my manhood ceremony, Dad and I talked through the responsibility of being a young man. We also talked about some commitments which I made to guide me through my adult years. Some of these included […]

Liberty or License

In a speech by Bill Federer I was reminded of the unique ways in which the Christian world view balances freedom and responsibility. 1. According the Christian world view, rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are granted by the Creator rather than on human authority alone. Therefore we are accountable (responsible) to […]

"Health Insurance Reform"

The most obvious problem with all this “health care reform” or “health insurance reform” stuff is that that there is no possible way the government can pay for it. Creating a commission of “health experts” to oversee Medicare might squeeze out a couple billion dollars of waste to help out, but that’s not much compared […]

Time Flies

Ring! Ring! “Hello, yes, Dad, we have to eat at 5:00 so that we can meet Don at 6:15 and Judy at 6:30 because the program is at 7:00 and Chris will be disappointed if we aren’t there!” “Are you sure you can be here by 5:00?  It is 4:15 right now.” “No problem, Dad.  […]

A Root Issue

Some tasks are time-consuming, others are not. Some require concentrated planning and effort, others are better accomplished day by day over a long period. Some are hard, some are easy. Some are indoors, some are outdoors.  Some bring about visible changes that you love to look back on, others tend to be less appreciated. One […]

Is There Anyone Else Like Us?

Conservative Christian families who are serious about applying Biblical principles are often made to feel like they are in the minority. This lonely feeling is a tactic of the enemy to discourage Christians and undermine their faith.  Guard against this deception, fellow soldiers! Take heart and press forward! In an effort to show such families […]

The Next Step

As I started getting older, a strange phenomenon occurred. (And I am sure I am the only one that has experienced this.) People began asking me bewildering questions, such as “What are you going to do after you finish high school?” or “What do you plan to do with your life?” What?! How did they […]

Another Glimpse of Hocking Hills

It had been a full year since our last escapade off the beaten path to Hocking Hills State Park on our way to and from Chicago and home.  Because Robert and I were able to shove off relatively early that morning, it allowed us to get to our destination just two hours before dark: the […]