Archive | November, 2008

IPS Photo Challenge – Week 1

When I heard about the new 4-week photo challenge the Institute in Photographic Studies was offering, I quickly decided to join up! This continuing education opportunity is designed to keep the shooting pressure on for former IPS students by requiring the submission of one picture a day for one complete month (not including weekends). The […]

GraphExpo 2008

The end of this month will mark the one year anniversary of my work as an artist in the IBLP Graphic Arts Department. This is hard to believe! As all four seasons have come and gone, so have many monstrous projects, marvelous coworkers and memorable events. One such event happened just last month when the […]

More than My Vote

It’s hard to believe that election day is so close! Having been in Northwoods for a week (and consequently out of touch with the rest of the world) and then busily catching up on things at work, the long-awaited day snuck up faster than ever I thought possible. I woke up this Saturday morning wishing […]