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Journey to Northwoods

The early morning frost blanketed the silent landscape surrounding the Northwoods Conference Center. When the sun began to rise at 7:00, I stepped outside to take in the serenity. It was completely different than a normal Tuesday morning at work in Chicago. Back in September, when I heard that the Life FOCUS group was going […]

Chinese and English

Oh no! Another post without … pictures! Did you notice? Just a straight column of text! There are several reasons for that: 1) I wasn’t expecting to post about this subject and thus didn’t take any relevant pictures; 2) A rain storm took the power out at school, affecting the computer I was using to […]

Book Report: Mere Christianity

Who likes books on theology? Long discourses on religious beliefs always seemed boring and needless to me. However, in Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis takes the ordinary Christian doctrines we are all familiar with and expounds on them in a fascinating and exciting new way. He offers rational explanations for why things are as they […]

The Farmer

September 30. In Israel, Rosh Hashanah is celebrated. People rest from work and the ram’s horn sounds during a special memorial service. In southern Taiwan an unusually large flock of 126 migrant ibises are sighted in a field: white with long curved black bills, black heads and black tails. And in Choujhou, a farmer bends […]

America, Return to God!

In the midst of a city with escalating immorality and increasing public wickedness, nearly two thousand Christians gathered in San Francisco for a time of open repentance and prayer. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend this prayer rally, which was appropriately named America Return to God. The powerful message on true repentance, […]