Except Ye Be Converted and Become as Little Children . . .

On October 8 we visited this school on sunny, breezy Liouciou island to teach students who wouldn\'t be able to come all the way to the English Village

We all know that children have a lot to learn but do you often think of learning from children? The qualities of humility and faith that Jesus highlighted are qualities we must all learn before we can be a part of His kingdom.

To fit everyone in, we were escorted to the school in an \"army truck\" The staff followed us from the harbor to the school on motorcycles Recess is over

It brought back memories of the first-graders in Taoyuan CountyFifth-graders with their teacher.
We’ve seen many many students in the past month and a half!
At the English Village, we’ve established a weekly schedule that can service over 250 Elementary School students a week in addition to the Junior Highers from the host school. Last week was our first full week and it went well. (On Thursday afternoon some of us had energy left over to engage the teachers in a long game of volleyball!)
At the English Village, passports double as workbooks Austin teaches visiting students during our first full week How do you spell \'bank\' in Chinese?

September 22nd marked our first classes for elementary school students. It was a thrill to stand at the door that day and welcome them in, knowing that we might well be the first foreigners they would ever talk to or see face to face.
September 22nd brought the first Class of Elementary students (from Chou Hu) First Bank Class ~ I appreciate the fact that even countryside students are well-mannered ... ... and enthusiastic

The English Village is thoroughly enjoyed even by students in ninth grade English is the international language evidently


  1. James October 26, 2008 at 8:56 pm #

    Donald, it is so exciting to hear about your teaching adventures! I’ve been away from Internet connect for the past week so this is the first I’ve heard from you in awhile. I love your posts!

  2. Robert October 27, 2008 at 9:02 pm #

    Donald, thanks for the “good news from a far country!” It’s always such a joy to see the pictures and read about your adventures. Keep enjoying life!

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