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God Can Work with Many or with Few!

1 Samuel 14:6 Usually we clean house on Monday. Cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping the floor, dusting the furniture,doing the laundry, and putting everything in it’s proper place are all things Mom has encouraged us to do to keep the house orderly. But last week we had a problem: our cousins were coming and we were […]

Working Away

We have now reached the end of week 2 in Life FOCUS XV. This means that we are very close to coming to the end of all the intense work we have been doing. We have learned so much about diligence, thoroughness, contentment, and selflessness. Here are a few things we did: Organizing Furniture. With lots of remodeling […]

A crock pot breakfast: hot and hearty

Did you ever wish you could make breakfast in the crock pot too? Well believe it or not you can and this recipe is one that has not only met all our own criteria but has become a staple on our weekly menu year-round. 2 c. wheat berries (whole kernels, raw) 7 c. water (pure […]

Blennerhassett Island

Last week our cousins from PA visited us and one of our outings was to Blennerhassett Island. To get to the island we took a small boat. It was fun to explore the two decks and climb the spiral staircase! The Island was very beautiful. During a covered wagon ride around the island a deer ran across the path right in […]


Wow! The first week of FOCUS was quite eventful. Each day contained something extraordinary. In fact, I could write a specific thing for every day. But being in the time crunch that I am, this would be impossible. Thus I will relate only one of the major projects we have done. Directly after breakfast on […]

A Timely Answer to Prayer

I was very excited when the opportunity arose to help a friend of mine for two months with mission work. But as I sought the Lord He made it clear that I was not to do it. I could not doubt the peace He was giving me to stay home for the summer. Tuesday morning a week […]

Leadership Week

For the past four days, I have been busily preparing for the leadership role in the upcoming Life FOCUS XV. It is amazing how God has led me to participate in this program for basically the whole summer. Having participated in the same program last year, I was not sure if He wanted me to […]

The Lord’s Hand in the Lesson Plan

When I was teaching the qualities of forgiveness and wisdom in different classrooms, the Lord was faithful to show me what to teach. Here are some examples of times He gave illustrations I had not even considered. During one class on forgiveness, the principal announced an offense over the intercom and said she needed to talk to […]