It’s About Relationship

Bolingbrook Independent Baptist ChurchThis morning at Bolingbrook IBC I was blessed to hear a powerful message by Evangelist Will Galkin, a former member Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team.

God spoke to me through it. The barrenness of spending my days doing needful, legitimate things without the continual awareness of God’s personal presence dries up my soul. Why do I let the noise of this world drown out the voice of God?

As David cried out to God nine times in Psalm 119, “Quicken me!” It’s about relationship, a real, vibrant, daily, heart-to-heart relationship with God.

This was the underlying message communicated tonight in testimony after testimony of friends who had just experienced God on a ten-day Journey to the Heart. Incredible!

It is my prayer that similar testimonies will flow from each family who attends one of the ATI Conferences this year. Tomorrow I’m flying down to Big Sandy to help out with the first one of the season. Our family is looking forward to attending the August Conference in Indianapolis! What about your family?


  1. Joshua May 3, 2007 at 10:12 am #

    Amen brother! The more we hear, the more we will want to listen. But there seems to be all too often a turning away from hearing. The loud cries of urgencies, evil, and the world do all they can to drown the steady quiet voice of peaceful confidence. That’s what these conferences are about: getting away from the urgencies, evil and the world so we can hear! See you in Nashville!

  2. Donald May 3, 2007 at 2:03 pm #

    God bless your work as you abide in Him this week Robert. How well I remember this time last year and the days that followed. See you in Indianapolis!

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