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A Special Day for Grandma


I do a lot of landscape photography. It’s what I enjoy most. But there is a much greater benefit to shooting landscapes than simply personal enjoyment . . . getting to know my camera. When you know your camera well, you can shoot anything. Whatever genre you enjoy, the more you do it, the more […]

In Celebration of Creation Sunday!

0995_Crescent City-Oregon-USA_Canon EOS 40D, 17 mm, 0.6 sec at f - 16, ISO 100

I don’t think I have ever written a post on Sunday before. But there’s certainly a reason to do so today! Did you know today is Creation Sunday? I hadn’t heard about it until I read OneNewsNow’s article on Defending Genesis’ efforts to celebrate the biblical Creator of the universe and the scientific account of […]

A Valentine’s Day Idea

Canva promo

Do you  have an email account? Are you subscribed to various promotional email lists? Are those promotional emails all decked out in pink and red, love and hearts? If you’re like me, you glance over them before hitting the delete button (if you even open it), right? Well, one promotional email today stopped me. It […]

Snowstorm in West Virginia!

The power has been out here for over 4 days now, longer than ever before in our family’s experience! On Friday evening, February 5, the rain turned to sleet, and then to a thick snow that stuck to everything and mounted up to twelve inches. The scenery was breathtaking, especially in the forest where even […]

An Amazing Blessing

This Thanksgiving one of the biggest things I am grateful for is family harmony. It is so important for members of a family to love one another. It is not only important for the well being of the family members, but for the ability of society to function as a whole. Family life shows everywhere […]

Nothing but Love

The greatest friend of purity is that which purifies. The gold is not afraid of the fire – only the dross is afraid of the fire. To be free from dross is to be free from fear. For the gold to desire the dross is to desire its own greatest hindrance. “Hereby know we that […]