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Spring Psalm

Creation sings

Praise ye the LORD. Praise ye the LORD from the heavens: praise him in the heights. Praise ye him, all his angels: praise ye him, all his hosts. Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light. Praise him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens. […]

Laundry Day Treasure Hunt

The red shirts Jonathan and I wear on Friday were made in Honduras and Bangladesh.

Last week’s “treasure hunt” from the quote about Sir Isaac Newton was "on the grown-ups’ side". This treasure hunt might prove to be a bit more “well-suited” to the younger ones  . . . Most of us have all sorts of clothing in our closets and drawers. But have you ever discovered where those clothes […]


Sometimes in life you have to take a leap of faith … … just make sure it’s a well-calculated leap! Two of our friends were recently moving a large stack of mattresses and decided to have some fun… Thankfully, nobody was hurt. 🙂

Precise Timing


Three recent events reminding us of God’s perfect timing … May 10—The Bates family exemplified orderliness and obedience when their dad said that it was time to go. Less than an hour later, around 1:15, James and Daniel also left for their trip back to Illinois. They however soon returned. A new house-building project was […]

Photo Revelry

    As time goes by, the web site has grown into a kind of album. Since there were so many pictures from our trip that still didn’t make it into our posts we decided to devote one more post to pictures! We hope you will share in our joy both for what the Lord […]

New Years at the Neely’s

I don’t think our family has ever had a more exciting New Years celebration! Nearing the end of our Florida trip, December 31 found us at the Neely household – experienced hosts indeed! You should have been there. We fit everything you can think of into that all-too-short two-night stay: Dutch Blitz, Settlers of Catan, […]

Swimming on Christmas Day??

You know something’s wrong when everyone walking to the beach has their hands in their pockets wishing they had umbrellas. It was also a little disconcerting when we suddenly realized we were the only ones headed TO the beach – everyone else was going the opposite way! (We passed one lady wearing shorts, a  t-shirt, […]

Christmas at Our House

What fun we had decorating this year! But one thing we are learning is that it isn’t the end of the world to break old traditions. Since we will be traveling to Florida for Christmas, there are many things we decided to do differently this year. For instance, we usually we spread out our lights […]

Birding Buffalo Calf

Over the past few weeks my Scripture memory has centered around Matthew 6:33, using the birds and the lilies as examples of God’s care for his creation and, much more, for us. Then came an opportunity one morning to “behold the fowls of the air” in our own yard. As busy as ever it took […]

A Student’s Morning

Yesterday about a third of the young men and women, the 9th-grade students, of Nan Jung Junior High School all concluded their time here and commenced a new chapter of life. It was graduation day. Our time as teachers is also drawing short but without quite the same level of significance. As we drove to […]