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Clay Creations

One of my favorite Christmas presents were two kinds of clay that Mom bought for me. One is pure white and stays soft until baked in the oven. After it is baked it is ready to be painted. The other is already colored and can be used over and over. Jonathan and I have had […]

Homemade waffles

As a surprise for Robert and James, We made delicious, homemade, healthy, perfect waffles! While eating them, we remembered a funny story  we had read in one of Mom’s old cookbooks of how waffles may have originated. Here’s how it goes. “The first waffle is said to have been made in the 13th century England. […]

Mountain Lions

The mountain lion has more names than any other mammal. cougar, panther, puma, mountain lion, Mexican cat, Wildcat, and Catamount. How did it get all these names? The cougar has a wide habitat range, from the prairies of Texas to the snow of Canada, so, as the many different people came to America they each […]

David turns Twelve!

One morning we decorated the house for my birthday. Michael designed a great cake for me with the picture of a lion  head on it. One of the best things about my birthday was that I got my new 4/4 violin. We ordered four violins to try out. Esther and I learned a lot about listening […]

Seafarers of West Virginia

Jonathan and I got a great idea to make two boats that we could sail on our pond. First we got two boards from Dad that he couldn’t use any more and cut the front of them to a point. We hunted in the woods for some perfectly straight sticks for the mast. Then we […]

A Weekend With the Wilkes

Flash News Interviews brings to you a weekend with the Wilkes. The highlights are well summarized in the following quotes. David: “I had fun playing an escape game on the hill in the tall grass with Kenan, Adam, and Sarah.” Jonathan: “Everything was fun but I enjoyed playing soccer the most” Daniel: “I am so […]

The Love Tree

This month our family has been studying the character quality of “love” (Giving to others’ basic needs without having as my motive personal reward). To help us learn this quality we made a “love tree.” Here’s how it works: each person gets a different colored heart. Every time someone does a good deed” they write […]