Congratulations Barbara!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to the Lord gave me last weekend to be there for Barbara Sutton’s graduation from Verity! It was so kind of her and her parents to bring me along! I was overjoyed when I heard that Bill Federer was speaking at the graduation! He told us to imagine being in heaven while the great heroes of the faith share their stories of living for the Lord and what God did through their lives. What story will I have to tell? Am I cooperating everyday with His incredible plan for my life? Then Mr. Gothard gave some excellent steps on how to ensure that you will have a story to tell. Two steps that stand out in my memory were to get a passion for people and stay in the Word. What incredible messages for graduates and all of us!

What a time of rejoicing it was!Congratulations, Barbara!1. Day oneIMAG0590The Lilly House gardensFriends Forever


The sweet couple

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