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What made America Great?

Sunrise on America

Our congressman David McKinley asks, “What Made America Great?” He did not present his own conclusions, but this question is definitely one worth asking, and if possible, worth finding an answer to. There are many aspects of America’s greatness, including freedom, education, religion, family, economy, etc. So how do you keep freedom from becoming chaos? […]

A Lion in the Way

5951_North Carolina-USA_Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 24 mm, 1-6 sec at f - 8.0, ISO 100

The verse that stood out to me on the morning that my brother Michael and I drove from Waxhaw to Marble for the North Carolina FEW Conference happened to be Proverbs 26:13: “The slothful man saith, ‘There is a lion in the way…’” In other words, instead of viewing obstacles as opportunities, a slothful person […]